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My son Steve Antony of II-D is going to a temple named ADHYAPANA. School is a temple of learning and gets trained for the professional and social life. The school’s atmosphere is very pleasant and the environment is very clean, attractive and wonderful where it has lots of natural scenery and greenery. The school’s study norms are very creative and innovative which helps us in understanding any tough matters very easily. Teachers teach very sincerely and tell everything practically. The school ranks first in any inter- school cultural pursuits. The school celebrates all important days like Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. The Annual Day, Sports Day and Gala Fete are celebrated in a grand manner. They make every student to participate in the programs to improve their confidence. The school educates the student about character formation, etiquette, moral education, acquiring good values and respecting others. My child’s favorite school and the best school is ADHYAPANA SCHOOL.

Parent of Steve Antony - II-D

Adhyapana in my perception

I am having immense pleasure to share my thoughts through this. First of all, the way you receive us in school makes us to open our thoughts in a comfort way. The hierarchy that you follow is appreciatable, since it eliminates communication barrier between teachers and parents. My perception field of academics in Adhyapana is mind blowing. Every move you take in clearing the concepts makes the students to understand the concepts and helps them to sprout out/come out with new ideas. My view point in field of extracurricular activities is that Adhyapana gives plenty of opportunities to each and every child to bring out their talents. This makes them to notify their own talent abilities in them. Through this it eliminates stage fear. I feel that Adhyapana is safe and secured for kids more than any other school. Last but not the least each and every move that you make, really makes our kids to go a step higher than any other school. So, I honestly feel that I have placed my kid in a school, where he gets everything to reach his goal.

Parent of R.Shobiya - II-D

My kid is able to make her presence felt in the school by studying without any snag.

I am touched by the act of dedication from each and every teacher. We are very proud and happy to be a part of Adhyapana!!!

Parent of A.Dhanyarakshana, Std - II-A

Inspiring senior management, efficient teachers and a unique ambience - a wonderful combination to help achieve success in all realms of life. Adhyapana offers an ocean of opportunities in both curricular and co-curricular activities to shape the future of my kids. I owe a big thanks to Adhyapana!!

Parent of Riya Danny Std - IV-E

Before coming to Madurai, my son was studying in DPS, Haridwar. When we visited this school first time,we appreciated the lovely, well-maintained school campus. We were most satisfied talking to the senior principal Mrs Aruna mam and Dean Sir. We understood that the school is in able hands of those who constantly are in a noble work of motivating students to their goals. My son enjoys every day’s assembly and the special assemblies held to celebrate different subject weeks. All teaches are well trained and they take care of the student’s performances. They conduct regular class tests so that the children don’t feel extra burden during examinations. Students are always encouraged to take part in intra and inter school competitions and the teachers help them a lot to achieve success. Overall, I loudly say that it’s a wonderful place to experience, explore and enjoy the school life.

Parent of Deeptayan - 1-B

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