Science Week Celebration

August 8, 2019 / By: Admin


“SCIENCE” was celebrated under the banner of “ALCHEMY”, starting from 06/08/2019 to 08/08/2019. It was packed with all science related activities that enhanced the importance of science and opened its fun-side too!

Students of Std.VI meticulously brought out various aspects of LIGHT in the form of Skit, showing the properties of light and the evolution of sources of light by means of time-line from fire to CFL.

The whole of Stds. VII and VIII depicted their talent in poster making competition showcasing their best ever skills with brush and colour. Prizes were given for the best posters. Poem Recitation, Mime Show and the Speech of  Dr. Abdul Kalam on Water Conservation by students stole the attention of the audience. Students also presented a role-play on the over usage of natural resources during three different time periods of the earth.

A mass presentation of Periodic Table by Stds. IX and X students culminated the celebration. The Senior Principal Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar urged the students to master the Periodic Table by memorizing the same.

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