What parents say

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What parents say

Dear  Aruna madam,      This my pleasure to extend my hearty wishes to you , Dean sir , principal madam, teachers, office staffs and other subordinates.      
 The way your guidance and teacher approach  in conducting online classes during this pandemic is very great effort.
 From the day One      each and every activities that you planned is very impressive   and children's can easily accomodate themselves in to the classes .                             The important steps of  a child career is their habits and behaviour . Adhayapana School  makes a remarkable contribution in building their capacity , capabilities , habits and behaviour . I am proud that my childrens were  educated and trained ,under control of two best Dronacharya Mr.Visvessvar sir and Mrs.Aruna  Vissvessvar.             

Thank You.
Best Regards,
Khrish Thananjai J.R 7th E
Shatakshi Mithra J.R 2nd B


Good evening ma'am,


This is a thank you note from grateful parent.

I am Priya and Manikandan, parent of P.M.Arjunkrishnaa.
This is our thanks giving message to our beloved Adhyapana school management.

I would like to express my gratitude towards you all teachers. Online classses are very new for teachers, students and parents as well.
All teachers are doing a great job in the limited 30 minutes they have.

First of all I want to say  thank you Aruna Viseswar ma'am, as the captain of the ship you are the greatest force who is leading all of our students in an incredible way. 

Actually not Only online classes, our Adhyapana can convert all the impossible into possible.

 This Pandemic situation may force all to say "Impossible" but our Aruna ma'am says, "I am giving social distance to the letters also to make everything possible for my students..That is
 I M Possible".

Morning assembly, Prayer song, academic classses, extra curricular classses like Music, Art, Yoga, Dance, PE classses, class test, competitions, yoga day celebration..... We have no words to express our gratitude for your dedication and the Incredible efforts you are taking.

Hats off to the wonderful messages you are delivering in the morning assembly ma'am. 

During this period we had some doubts also, at that time whenever we dialled to Yamini mam, she explained everything clearly with her kind voice.

Thank you Smt. Aruna ma'am, Dean Sir, Rincy ma'am, Karuna ma'am, Yamini ma'am and Chithra ma'am.

I want to thank all the Primary teachers who are all doing a great job to make the kids to learn and write easily.  

I want to mention Sumithra mam, Divyaprabha mam, Sindhu mam and Jeya mam for their efforts to make all the students to learn easily.

They are explaining in a simple language which can be easily understood and follow.

Here I want to add a very special mention to Parashakthi ma'am who makes each and every children understand the lessons very easily with her very simple language. Her way of teaching, communicating with students, communication with parents with pleasing words and especially daily she is sending remainders to PJ section group. Especially she handles her classes lively and in an enthusiastic way. Thank you for being an excellent educator Shakthi mam! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. Thank you for being the irreplaceable teacher. 

I feel so blessed to have a teacher like you for my child. I am a witness on how dedicated you are in teaching your students. Actually parents are learning new words from your teaching mam. 

We are blessed and satisfied parents, because now we feel that our kids are in the safe hands. 

Kudos to you all.

Thank you Aruna ma'am for the wonderful education you are providing to our children.

Adhyapana Rocks.

We are happy parents.

With loads of respect and love
Priya Manikandan.

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